My Story

CeleGear is a 1 man, patriotic, survival SWAG shop.  I am an Army Veteran, a LEO and a proud naturalized citizen who was born in Grenada WI.  I have always had a creative mind and CeleGear is a way for me actually put my creative ideas into fruition.  Through my creativity and gratitude from working with the finest men and women across this country.  I created the CeleGear Velcro bracelet, which I handed out as free SWAG to my friends and collogues.  From the overwhelming positive response, grew a larger customer base who wanted to purchase larger quantities and thus began my small business.  With my ongoing creative thinking I focused on further developing the concept and there came the anodized metal and 3D-engraved patriotic paracord bracelets.

'Old glory! The CeleGear USA flag bracelet, not just for men. She’s beautiful on everyone. #USA #paracordbracelet'

'Deep Engraved USA Flag paracord bracelet.'






No automatic alt text available.What makes our product different? There are so many different paracord bracelets out there to choose from but for the most part they are all kinda the same.  This is a truly unique design to an old concept.  Additionally CeleGear bracelets are thinner and sleeker than the competition using a cobra weave making it comfortable to wear everyday all day. My bracelets are pre-shrunk, so they’ll stay the same size forever. All of the parts in my bracelets are made in the USA (except the buckles for now), and are assembled by me, until the kids are old enough to help.

Additionally, 10% of our revenue is donated to the Aaron Grider Foundation. Aaron was a Delta Operator who passed away during his 9th deployment during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

Once again, thank you to our armed services, members of the Law Enforcement community, Firefighters and all those who put their lives on the line so that other may enjoy the freedoms to purse happiness: Celegear wouldn’t exist without you!