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Q: How do I ensure that I get the right size bracelet?

A: There’s an free, printable sizing guide here. Getting an accurate measurement is critical to have a perfect fit, so print it out and follow the instructions before placing your order.

Q: Can I have a custom logo engraved on my bracelet?

A: Yes! If you have a vector or high-quality image that fits the dimensions of a bracelet, we can make it into a metal bracelet. The flat setup fees are $75 for 3d-engraved and $50 multi-color anondized. After the setup fee, the bracelets cost their standard prices of $25 for 3d-engraved and $20 for multi-color anondized. Please contact me for more information.

Q: What kind of weave is used for the paracord?

A: We use what’s called a “Jacobs weave,” which is more comfortable than the more common cobra weave.

Q: Are these survival bracelets?

A: We don’t call them survival bracelets, and they’re not a kitchen sink on your wrist, but they could be useful in survival situations. If you take the bracelet apart and unwind the paracord, it could be used to latch things down, or as shoelaces or for piecing things together. The aluminum on the metal bracelets could be shaved to help with fire-starting. If you use a bracelet in a survival situation, send me your story and I’ll send you a replacement bracelet.